• Amazing Arts and Crafts - Trading since 2014 Uk based Ltd company.

  • Massive selection - Over 600 different products.

  • Over 50 years combined experience in the Arts and Crafts Industry.

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Amazing Arts and Crafts based in Swansea.

Amazing Arts and Crafts Ltd was formed in November 2014 by Steve Lorey and Jeff Davies, along with the help of other members of their families Although Amazing Arts and Crafts Ltd is a relatively new company, there are many years of experience (equivalent to over 40 years) working in the art and crafts industry already within the company. Steve and Jeff have put together a range of great crafts products that we hope you will enjoy crafting with and create amazing ideas with the whole family. Amazing Arts and Crafts Ltd is constantly searching for more fun and intuitive products to add to they’re already an Amazing range of products. So it’s worthwhile just popping into our online shop even if it’s just for a browse to see what’s new. We want all our customers to enjoy their experiences when they come to visit us online and, of course, the Amazing products they will buy from our online shop.

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